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Safety during pregnancy

It is important that the seatbelt is used correctly during pregnancy, and that pregnant drivers adjust their seating position.


PS-2007-Safety–Seat belt pregnancy

The diagonal section should wrap over the shoulder then be routed between the breasts and to the side of the abdomen.

The lap section should lay flat over the thighs and as low as possible under the abdomen. – It must never be allowed to ride upward. Remove the slack from the seatbelt and ensure that it fits as close to the body as possible. In addition, check that there are no twists in the seatbelt.

Seating position

As the pregnancy progresses, pregnant drivers must adjust the seat and steering wheel such that they can easily maintain control of the vehicle as they drive (which means that they must be able to easily operate the foot pedals and steering wheel). The aim should be to position the seat with as large a distance as possible between abdomen and steering wheel.