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Car function view in the centre display

In car function view, all settings and buttons are collected under the various subviews. Navigate to car function view from home view by tapping on PS2-2007-Car symbol.

Tap on the desired heading to toggle between subviews in car function view. For further functions, tap on More.

Different types of buttons

There are different types of buttons for car functions, see below:

Type of buttonPropertyAffects car function
Selection buttonsSelection of function mode.Selection buttons are available in car function view and charging view, for example.
Function buttonsHave on/off positions. Most buttons in function view are function buttons.

Various button modes and functions

Press the button briefly to activate or deactivate the function.

The function is activated when the entire function or selection button lights up. The function is deactivated when the button is extinguished.

When a function is activated, extra text with an explanation for certain functions is shown. The text is displayed for a few seconds, then the button lights up.

Some functions have further settings. Tap on PS2- 2007- Icon three dots textsymbol to access these.