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Keyless locking and unlocking

Setting the maximum tailgate opening

Adjust the max opening of the tailgate, e.g. to make it easier if the car is in a garage with limited space.

Closing and locking the tailgate with the button

The buttons on the tailgate's underside can close and lock the car automatically.

Keyless opening and closing of the tailgate with a foot movement

The tailgate can be opened and closed by moving a foot under the bumper, which makes life easier when your hands are full.

Antenna locations for the start and lock systems

Antennas for the keyless start and lock systems are built into the car.

Keyless locking and unlocking

With the keyless locking and unlocking function, just having the key with you in your pocket or bag is enough to unlock the doors and tailgate. The car is locked or unlocked by touching the door handle.

Keyless locking and unlocking of doors

Keyless unlocking allows the doors to be opened by gripping the door handle.

Keyless tailgate unlocking

Using keyless locking and unlocking, it is sufficient to press gently on the rubberised pressure plate on the tailgate's handle in order to unlock.