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The alarm warns with acoustic and light signals if someone without a valid key enters the car, tries to steal a tyre or tow the car away, or tampers with the car battery or the siren.
PS-2007-Security indicator lamp

Alarm indicator

A red LED on the instrument panel indicates the alarm system's status:

  • LED not lit – alarm not armed.
  • The LED flashes once every other second – alarm is armed.
  • The LED flashes quickly after the car has been unlocked – the alarm has been triggered.
When armed, the alarm is triggered if:
  • a door, the bonnet or the tailgate is opened
  • a movement is detected in the passenger compartment
  • the car is lifted or towed away
  • the battery is disconnected
  • the siren is disconnected.

Alarm signals

When the alarm has been triggered, the following happens:
  • A siren sounds for 30 seconds or until the alarm is switched off.
  • Hazard warning flashers flash for 5 minutes or until the alarm is switched off.

If the cause of alarm activation is not rectified, the alarm cycle is repeated up to 10 times1.

Movement and tilt sensors

The alarm's movement detector reacts to movements inside the car2, while the tilt detector reacts to changes in the car's inclination. Reduced alarm level can be activated so that the alarm is not triggered due to movement if the car is transported on a ferry, for example.

To avoid triggering the alarm unintentionally:
  • Close all windows when leaving the car.
  • If the climate control is used – aim the airflow so that it does not point upwards in the passenger compartment.

It is also possible to reduce the alarm level in the centre display.

Symbols and messages

PS2-2007-Alarm system symbol
Alarm system failure Service required A fault has arisen in the alarm system, contact Polestar Customer Support.


Do not attempt to repair or alter components in the alarm system yourself. All such attempts can affect the terms and conditions of the insurance and the performance of the alarm.
  1. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  2. 2 Airflow from the climate control system may be perceived as movement.