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Connected Safety

Connected Safety1 communicates information between your own car and other vehicles via a cloud service2. The function is intended to make a driver aware that there may be a potentially dangerous traffic situation further ahead on the same road.

The function can inform the driver whether another vehicle further ahead on the same road has activated its hazard warning flashers or detected slippery driving conditions. Information about slippery driving conditions is also given if your own car detects slippery surfaces.

Connected Safety can help the driver with the following:
  • Alarm on hazard warning flashers
  • Alarm on slippery driving conditions

Connected Safety communication between vehicles only works for vehicles equipped with the function and with the function activated. Connected Safety also needs to be approved via Polestar privacy.

Alarm on hazard warning flashers

If your own car's hazard warning flashers are activated, information about this can be sent to vehicles approaching your own car's position.

PS2-2122-Connected Safety symbol Hazard Light

When your own car is approaching a vehicle with flashing hazard warning flashers, this symbol is shown in the driver display.

Alarm on slippery driving conditions

PS2-2122-Connected Safety symbol Slippery Road-No cloud

If your car detects reduced friction between its tyres and the road, this symbol is shown in the driver display. The information can then be forwarded to vehicles that approach the position of your car.

PS2-2122-Connected Safety symbol Slippery Road

If your car receives information about slippery conditions from another vehicle, this symbol is shown in the driver display.


  • The function is supplementary driver support intended to facilitate driving and make it safer – it cannot handle all situations in all traffic, weather and road conditions.
  • The driver is advised to read all sections in the Manual that relate to this function to learn about factors such as its limitations and what the driver should be aware of before using the system.
  • Driver support functions are not a substitute for the driver's attention and judgement. The driver is always responsible for ensuring the car is driven in a safe manner, at the appropriate speed, with an appropriate distance to other vehicles, and in accordance with current traffic rules and regulations.
  1. 1 Not available on all markets.
  2. 2 Data is transferred (data traffic) when using the cloud service, and this may involve a cost.