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Using a stored position for seat and door mirrors

If the positions for the power seat and the door mirrors have been stored, they can be activated by using the memory buttons.

Using a stored setting

PS2- 20w07- Memory functions front seat door

To use a stored position, hold one of the memory buttons depressed, 1 (PS-Icon circle 2) or 2 (PS-Icon circle 3), until the stored position is reached.

If the memory button is released, the movement of the seat and door mirrors will be stopped.


  • Because the driver's seat can be adjusted with the ignition off, children should never be left unattended in the vehicle.
  • Movement of the seat can be STOPPED at any time by pressing any button on the power seat control panel.
  • Do not adjust the seat while driving.
  • Make sure there is nothing under the seats when they are being adjusted.