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Using Digital Key

With Digital Key, the car can be locked and unlocked keylessly or using the Polestar app. The car can also be started and used as normal when it recognises a phone with Digital Key.


If the phone has discharged, the Digital Key functions are not available. Charge the phone or use a conventional key instead.

Locking and unlocking with Digital Key

The car detects Digital Key when you are within an arm's length of the doors or tailgate with the phone.

Keyless unlocking and locking work in the same way as with a normal key. Grip the handle and wait until the car is unlocked; or touch the touch sensitive recess on the handle in order to lock the car.

You can also open the tailgate using a foot movement* when a phone with Digital Key installed is within range.

Starting the car using Digital Key

The car is started as usual when a phone with Digital Key installed is inside the passenger compartment.

  1. * Option/accessory.