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Activating and deactivating alarms

The alarm is activated when the car is locked, and is deactivated when the car is unlocked. It is also possible to deactivate the alarm without a working key.


It is not possible to lock the car without activating the alarm. If the car is parked on a ferry, for example, the function for reduced alarm level should be used instead.

Deactivate the alarm without a functioning key

The car can be unlocked and disarmed even if the key does not work, e.g. if the key's battery is dead.

Open the driver's door with the detachable key blade.
The alarm is triggered.
PS-2007-Backup start place in tunnel console
Place the key on the key symbol in the back-up reader in the tunnel console's cup holder.
Depress the brake pedal and select a gear position.
The alarm is deactivated.