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Prioritise between Polestar Assistance and the emergency call centre

Choose whether the car should phone Polestar Assistance or the emergency call centre in an emergency.

With Polestar Connect, it is possible to set whether the car should contact Polestar Assistance or the public emergency call centre when the automatic collision alarm is triggered or when the SOS button is pressed.

The car's factory setting is to primarily contact Polestar Assistance.

To change this:
Open car functions PS2-2007-Car symbol and select the More tab.
Then go to Car status, select tab Service and mark your choice.


When contact with Polestar Assistance is given priority, more information is transmitted from the car and more extensive help can be given than if the public emergency call centre is the primary contact. If contact with Polestar Assistance cannot be established, the car contacts the public emergency call centre instead.

If, on the other hand, the public emergency call centre is given priority and it is not possible to establish contact, no attempt is made to reach Polestar Assistance instead.