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Adding a new car to your Polestar ID

If you bought your car via Polestar, it will automatically be registered to your Polestar ID. No further action is necessary.

If you did not buy your car through Polestar, you must claim ownership rights in order to have full use of your car.

How to add a vehicle to your Polestar ID:
Create a Polestar ID if you have not done so already.
Log in to your Polestar ID (polestar.com).
Select "Add car".
Here you can claim ownership rights for your new car by entering the VIN number.
Continue by completing the change of ownership sequence.
An automatic request will be sent to the previous owner in order to confirm the change of ownership. If the previous owner does not take action within seven days you will be informed and asked to show your Vehicle Certificate of Ownership.
Once the change of ownership has been approved, you will be notified and can then see your car under your Polestar ID.