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Deactivating cruise control functions

The cruise control functions can be deactivated using a button on the steering wheel. The function then switches to standby mode. This is applicable to the speed limiter (SL1)*, automatic speed limiter (ASL2), cruise control (CC3), adaptive cruise control* (ACC4) and Pilot Assist*.

Press the steering wheel button PS-1926-Steering wheel Activate button symbol.
The symbol and indicators in the driver display are extinguished – the selected cruise control function is set in standby mode.

When a different function is selected in the centre display, the driver display's symbol and the marker indicating a previously selected function are hidden – the set/stored max speed is then deleted.


When cruise control functions are in standby mode, the driver must intervene and regulate both speed and distance to the vehicle ahead.
  1. 1 Speed Limiter
  2. * Option/accessory.
  3. 2 Automatic Speed Limiter
  4. 3 Cruise Control
  5. 4 Adaptive Cruise Control