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Pilot lite pack
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Preventative, adaptive, aware. The Pilot lite pack further enhances the Polestar 2’s safety features with Pilot Assist, 360º camera visibility and more.

Preventative, adaptive, aware. The Pilot lite pack further enhances the Polestar 2’s safety features with Pilot Assist, 360º camera visibility and more.

Pilot lite pack highlights

Blind Spot Information System with steer assist

The Blind Spot Information System will detect vehicles that are about to pass and flash a warning light integrated in the frameless mirrors. If Polestar 2 continues to switch lanes, steer assist guides it back to where it was.

Cross Traffic Alert with brake support

This system warns about incoming cars, cyclists, and pedestrians while reversing, even around corners. If the driver continues to reverse, Polestar 2 will automatically apply the brakes.

Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation

Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation checks for vehicles behind Polestar 2 and calculates the risk of collision. If a car comes too close, it rapidly flashes all the indicators. If an accident is imminent, the system pre-tensions the safety belts and applies the brakes.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Relax and let the Polestar 2 adjust its speed to the pace of traffic. Adaptive Cruise Control senses the vehicle in front, slowing the Polestar 2 down when necessary. At any moment, touching the accelerator or the brake pedal is enough to control the speed yourself.

Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist supplements Adaptive Cruise Control, supporting the driver in keeping the Polestar 2 centred in the driving lane. The camera and radar units that control the speed also monitor the car’s position, making light steering adjustments if it moves too close to the lane markings.

360º Cameras

This feature allows you to get a bird’s-eye view of Polestar 2’s surroundings. Four cameras provide a 360º view around a virtual image of the car, helping to manoeuvre in tight spaces without running into problems.

Automatically dimmed exterior mirrors

Minimum stress, maximum visibility. The frameless exterior mirrors included in the Pilot pack automatically dim bright light when driving in the dark or in limited light conditions. To make the process even more effortless, they work in unison with the interior rearview mirror.

Park Assist, sides

The Polestar 2 comes with Park Assist as standard, measuring the distance to obstacles at the front and the rear and warning the driver visually and audibly. The Pilot pack adds to this system by also scanning the sides of the car, providing even better guidance when manoeuvring in tight spaces.

LED front fog lights with cornering function

The LED front fog lights don’t just improve visibility in murky weather. At speeds below 19 miles per hour, the left or right lamp illuminates the area close to the car when cornering or using the indicators. This provides a better view of the road when it’s dark, making it easier to judge bends and intersections.

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