Leading the charge: Polestar and Plugsurfing release an app

We need to make the right choice the desirable one. Electric mobility is the right choice. Its benefits, from the environmental to the economical, are obvious. And through design, technology, and innovation, we make the right choice the desirable one. People switch because they want the product, as well as the benefits.

A white Polestar 2 charging outside of a white building.

The product, however, is merely a piece of the puzzle. A large one, to be sure, but a piece nonetheless.

To enable EV mass adoption, we need to do more than bring the most desirable products to the streets. We need to make the experience as desirable as the product itself. Remove any obstacles, optimise all interactions, and sway as many people as possible over to the electric side of the fence.

Which is why we’re launching a charging app.

Together with charging pioneers Plugsurfing, with whom we’ve partnered before, we’ve created the Plugsurfing — Polestar edition app. A one-stop platform for Polestar customers in Europe, the new app provides direct access to more than 300,000 charging points, preferential Polestar charging offerings, and on-call Polestar support.

Plugsurfing is the largest charging network in Europe, with a user base of over 1,000,000 people. Like Polestar, they believe in collaboration in pursuit of a goal, bringing together manufacturers, charge point operators, and drivers in order to create a far-reaching charging network.

Launching first in Sweden and Norway, the app will be added to more European Polestar markets during the coming months. Existing customers download it either in the Google Play Store or the App Store. New customers will be walked through the process during the handover of their fully electric fastback.

The app will also host exclusive Polestar preferential charging offerings, starting with the existing reduced Ionity charging rates of €0.35/kWh for high-speed DC charging across the Ionity network. More partner deals will be included in the app in the future.

The right choice, thanks to our partnership with Plugsurfing, just became that much more desirable. 


Polestar 2 BST edition 270 at Circuito Ascari

More than the sum of its parts: BST edition 270

Working with others comes with a wealth of advantages. The sharing of expertise, lessons learned, and creating things that would never have been possible while working alone. The Polestar 2 BST edition 270 is one such thing. A passion project brought to you by the best in the business.

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