What is the Polestar 1 going to cost?

The Polestar 1 will be offered on a subscription basis but it will also be possible to buy the car outright with an additional service package. The price of a Polestar 1 will be €155,000/$155,000. As the subscription model is still in development, subscription pricing is still to be confirmed.

How many Polestar 1 will be produced?

Our plan is to produce 500 cars per year, but there is scope to extend this slightly at the Polestar Production Centre if needed.

How do I place a pre-order?

Visit polestar.com to apply for a Polestar 1. In the following steps you will be directed to the car configurator where you will configure your Polestar 1 and pay the deposit of €2,500/$2,500 to secure your place in the queue. The deposit will be refunded to your account when a binding order is placed, closer to start of production, or if you choose to cancel your pre-order prior to this.

If I complete my pre-order, will I be guaranteed to make a purchase?

At this point, we cannot guarantee this because it is possible we will receive more deposits than cars we can build. However, if you want the best chance to make a purchase, you should register your interest on www.polestar.com and place the deposit.

When will my Polestar 1 be delivered?

Start of production is scheduled for mid-2019, with customer deliveries taking place after this point. We will keep you updated on details relating to your specific purchase when it is time to place the binding order.

Can I change my configuration after the deposit is placed?

You cannot change your pre-order configuration, but when you are asked to place your binding order you will be able to re-configure your car.

What payment methods do you offer?

The payment methods differ depending on which region you live in. You will find the available options within the configurator.

Where is my place in the queue?

We cannot confirm places in the queue at this stage. Once we know the numbers of customers who have configured their car and placed the deposit, and where they are based, we will be able to plan accordingly.