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Standard features

Our fully electric mission statement, a car that brings an all-encompassing redefinition of electric performance.

The sensor tells the wipers to engage no matter what the level of rain, allowing the driver to maintain focus on the road.
The origami-inspired, pixel LED lamp-equipped headlights of the Polestar 2 automatically shade out specific areas to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers, while maintaining the best possible illumination. (The possibility to shade up to five vehicles is not available for North American markets).
These are patterns which the front and rear lights display when one locks or unlocks the vehicle. A futuristic detail which adds a bit of additional flavour to the Polestar 2.
LED front fog lights are standard. They also act as cornering lights, illuminating the area closest to the car and aiding with manoeuvering, parking and reversing.
Adaptive rear lighting, in which the 288 LED rear lamp shines more intensely with stronger braking, illuminate differently depending on the weather, and provide a visual signal as to which direction the car is reversing (not available in China or North America).
Both the interior and exterior rear-view mirrors are automatically dimming, to account for glare from vehicles in the rear.
The door mirrors can be set to retract automatically the car is locked, or they can be retracted with the push of a button.
A dark-tinted rear window comes standard. This harmonises with the dark-tinted panoramic glass roof. With the Performance package option, the roof section joining the roof to the rear window is black, creating an area of continuous dark from the windscreen to the rear of the car (not available in North America).
When looking up from inside the Polestar 2, or looking down from outside, the projected Polestar symbol is seen shining on the glass.
Most of the roof is made of glass in the Polestar 2. This special, innovative glass reduces solar radiation to the point where sunshades aren’t required. Thus, there is a feeling of airy spaciousness inside the Polestar 2, in all conditions. The glass is fixed and laminated, which means that it’s designed to stay in place even in the case of accident or break-in.
The washer nozzles of the Polestar 2 are integrated into the wipers, ensuring direct coverage of the windshield without being affected by wind or driving speed. The wiper blades themselves are also heated, for maximum efficiency regardless of weather.

In addition to front and rear general lighting and reading lamps, the door bins and handles are similarily lit. When the front door is opened, the area underneath is illuminated, as well as the floor inside. The distinctive area housing the equally distinctive gear-shifter is illuminated at all times.The front centre storage compartments, as well as the armrests and cupholders between the front and outer rear seating positions are subtly illuminated from “invisible” LEDs in the roof.

Both the interior and exterior rear-view mirrors have distinctive styling, with the exterior mirrors liberated from their housings to extend all the way to the edge, maximising the relfective area and minimising drag.

The gear selector is equal parts interior detail and visual focal point. It’s hexagonally shaped and hollow, with an illuminated Polestar symbol in the base. The outside has a matt, grippy surface and the inside is glossy black. It’s also highly responsive, allowing for very slight action.

Both the driver and front seat passenger have an illuminated vanity mirror in the sun visor. The mirror is covered by a folding lid when not in use and has a clip for a card, ticket or smaller documents on the side.

Both driver and front-seat passenger can turn on and adjust heating, in the seat cushion and backrest, at three different levels.

Passengers in the rear outside positions can turn on heating, in the cushion and backrest, at three different levels.

Civilisation is a warm steering wheel. The Polestar 2’s steering wheel can be heated to three different levels.

Highly durable and perfectly matched to the car’s interior. The standard fabric floor mats provide stylish and effective protection against water and dirt.

Polestar has partnered with audio experts Harman Kardon to fit the Polestar 2 with a fully integrated sound system to create an immersive, detailed audio environment. Why Harman Kardon? Besides their obvious expertise, they’re a kindred spirit to Polestar, delivering innovations which set them apart. One example is their Dirac Unison© tuning software, which ensures that everyone in the car enjoys the same powerful, immersive listening experience regardless of where they’re sitting, while also providing a tight, unified bass sound.

The Polestar 2 offers a fitting display for its uncluttered and intuitive UI: an 11.15 inch, frameless centre display which appears to sit atop the centre console, set in portrait orientation to maximise visual display and usability. This, in concert with the 12.3 digital driver display, ensures that the Polestar 2 has the hardware required to deliver such a modern and well-designed UI.

In front of the driver is a 12.3-inch digital display. When the car is unlocked, the display shows battery charging status, time for completed charging and range highly visible from outside. While driving, the display shows two big round instruments and an information display in between. The display is responsive, enlarging some elements while shrinking others, such as when in navigation mode. There are three different display views: Calm, Car centric and Navigation.

There are two USB connections in the front, for connecting and charging different devices.

There are two USB connections for charging in the rear, for connecting and charging different devices.

Polestar Connect allows the driver to be in constant contact with the Polestar 2. With the Polestar Connect app it’s possible to climatise the interior before even setting foot in the car Inside the car there are buttons for assistance and help in case of emergency. The Polestar 2 even makes an emergency call itself in the event of an accident or make a call if it’s being stolen.

The Polestar 2 is the first car to come with an infotainment system powered by Android. It offers the Google Assistant, which has been perfected to understand user commands in various languages; Google Maps, which offer real-time and up-to-date information; and Google Play Store, which offers a full suite of apps which have been optimised for the in-car experience.

The radio in the Polestar 2 audio system has full Digital Audio Broadcasting, DAB, for the best possible radio experience. For countries where DAB-services are not available, the radio works as a traditional, analogue FM radio

On North American markets the Polestar 2 comes with the American Sirius XM app as standard. This means access to commercial-free music, live play-by-play sports, news, talk, entertainment along with real-time information about traffic, weather, fuel prices and more.

Place a Qi-enabled mobile device in the tray in front of the gear-shifter, and the inductive wireless charging offered by the Polestar 2 ensures a fast and easy charge.

It can be easy to miss a sign while driving. The Polestar 2 has your back: It displays those signs in the driver display.There’s even a speed alert function you can activate, which warns the driver if they exceed the posted speed limit. The system also works in tandem with the navigation system to get speed-related information and warn the driver if, for example, they would drive the wrong way down a one-way street.

In the Polestar 2 it’s possible to choose between Cruise Control, and Adaptive Cruise Control, which also adapts to slower vehicles in front, even coming to a stop. If it stops for less than three seconds, the Polestar 2 will start again automatically and follow it, all the way up to the predetermined speed. The driver is still responsible for braking on approach to intersections, red lights, and other situations where there is no car in front.

When Adaptive Cruise Control is activated (see above), Pilot Assist is likewise activated. It helps to keep the Polestar 2 in the middle of the lane, by gentle steering, all the way up to motorway speeds.

Blind Spot Information warns for vehicles about to overtake with a flashing yellow light in the left or right door mirror. And if a vehicle should approach fast, even from far behind, the driver is warned by a constant, strong yellow light. If the indicator is turned on anyway, it will start flashing. If these warnings are ignored or unnoticed, the Polestar 2 will take care of the situation and gently steer the car back into the previous lane (above city speeds).

Reversing out of a parking space, with the view blocked by cars parked on either side, can be both difficult and dangerous. Not so with a Polestar 2. Radars in the rear bumper check for approaching vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. The driver is warned by an audible signal from the left- or right-hand side speaker and a graphic warning on the centre display. If these warnings are unnoticed or ignored and there’s a risk for an accident, the Polestar 2 will brake automatically.

Manoeuvring or parking in tight spaces can be difficult. In situations like that, the Polestar 2 provides a top-down view of the situation, on the centre display. A computer processes images from cameras in the front, rear and in the door mirrors, to give the driver a 360° view of the car and the surroundings, visible as from a point right above the Polestar 2.

Approaching corners which have poor visibility can be harrowing.The Polestar 2 sees around those corners for you. Just drive out a little tiny bit and a camera in the grille gives you a 180° view of what’s beyond those blind corners.

Reversing is reimagined in the Polestar 2, with the centre disply offering an unobstructed view of the area behind the car. It’s also possible to zoom in on the tow hitch when towing a trailer.

Four ultrasound sensors in the front bumper tell the driver how close they are to an obstacle, when manoeuvring slowly or parking. The distance is shown graphically on the big centre display and an intermittent warning sound increases in frequency the closer the car gets to the obstacle.

Four ultrasound sensors in the rear bumper tell the driver how close they are to an obstacle behind, when manoeuvring slowly or parking. The distance is shown graphically on the big centre display and an intermittent warning sound increases in frequency the closer the car gets to the obstacle.

The Polestar 2 keeps the brake engaged when driving uphill, even when reversing.

With the electronically-controlled climate system, the driver and passenger can set individual temperatures on the centre touch screen. It’s also possible to adjust the temperature on both sides simultaneously.The temperature in the rear is the same. In the case of two different temperatures, it’s a mix of the two.”. In addition to floor vents, there are adjustable and uniquely designed air vents that synchronise with the front air vents.

CleanZone provides the cleanest possible interior air, regardless of outside conditions. All incoming air passes through an efficient multi-filter, which reduces levels of dust, pollen, particles and chemical odours. If CleanZone senses harmful substances in the incoming air, it seals off completely. When the car is unlocked from a distance in warm weather, CleanZone ventilates the cabin before people enter the car.

On the Chinese market, the climate system has a sensor that measures and displays the content of harmful PM 2.5 particles in the air inside the car. Simultaneously, information about PM 2.5 content in the outside air, from measuring stations in the vicinity, are displayed for comparison.

The Polestar 2 senses the forces in a frontal accident and decides if the belt pre-tensioners and airbags are needed, automatically deploying if they are. The driver’s airbag is deployed from the centre of the steering wheel and the passenger’s from the dashboard. The passenger airbag can be disconnected if a child is to use the front passenger seat.

When the Polestar 2 is locked, the standard-fitted alarm system is turned on. The alarm will then be triggered if any of the doors or hatches are opened, or if any of the windows are broken. It’s also triggered if the Polestar 2 has been jacked up for towing or wheel removal. The inclination and interior movement sensors can be turned off if people or pets are waiting inside the car.

There is no start button in the Polestar 2. The Polestar 2 powers up as soon as the driver is seated, the intelligent sensors in the seat signalling to the car’s systems to start up. Press the brake pedal, shift into gear, buckle the seat belt, and drive away.

When the driver puts a hand on a door handle or touch the tailgate button, the car is unlocked. Repeat the process to lock the Polestar 2. A sensor under the rear bumper allows the driver to open the trunk by waving their foot, as long as they have the authentication device with them.

With the Polestar 2, the driver’s phone is the authentication device. Simply connect to the car via the Polestar Connect app.

There are three easy-to-see programmable buttons on the rear-view mirror, which can be used to activate things in the home, such as lighting, opening of a garage door, and so on.

The child safety locks can be toggled via a button. This also locks the rear windows, which can then be controlled only via the controls in the front.

Both the driver’s seat and the seat cushion itself are adjustable, enabling a highly customisable level of comfort for the driver. Controls on the side of the seat, displayed on the centre display, and in the Polestar Connect app allow adjustments of the seat and the door mirrors. Prefered settings are stored in the app (along with in the remote and in two memory buttons on the front door), meaning that the Polestar 2 will adjust itself to the driver automatically.

Adjustable seats aren’t reserved for the driver. The front passenger seat is every bit as comfortable and customisable as the driver’s seat.

The front seats also boast adjustable lumbar support. Controlled by both ergonmic buttons on the seat edge, and via the centre console display.

Seat extensions enable the front seats to offer more support, for Polestar 2’s taller drivers and passengers.

Just like the front head restraints, the ones on the rear outer positions are fixed for maximum safety. The centre head restraint can be retracted for an undisturbed view through the rear-view mirror.

A 7 metre charging cord comes standard with the Polestar 2 for convenient charging.

To save weight, and thereby battery drainage , the Polestar 2 comes with a tyre repair kit instead of a spare wheel. This also saves space, which can then be used for storage. The repair kit and a jack are placed in the front luggage compartment, together with a warning triangle.

The tailgate of the Polestar 2 has its hinge at the top of the window, granting unrestricted access to the entirety of the trunk. With multiple options available for opening and closing (via the app, a button on the dash, a button on the lid itself, and a sensor under the bumper), access to the 405-litre (VDA) trunk is assured.

A shopping bag holder folds out from the floor of the trunk. It has hooks and elastic bands that can be fastened in different positions, for different loads.

A first-aid-kit comes as standard.

The Polestar 2 offers a responsive, comfortable experience, due to the finely-tuned chassis and suspension. The front suspension is of the well-proven and light-weight McPherson type and the rear wheels are controlled by a multi-link suspension, with vital parts made of light-weight aluminium.

Both AC and DC charging work with the Polestar 2, meaning that a charge is always within reach. Use AC when at home or at work, use DC when road tripping or otherwise out and about when time is of the essence (up to 150 kW). Regulate the charge current, the duration, the maximum charge level, and much more in the car or via the Polestar Connect app. A 7-metre AC charging cord (for normal outlets) comes standard, with the option to buy a 4.5-metre AC cord (for wallboxes/public locations) for faster charging.

Nothing escapes the attention of the Polestar 2. It has enormous capacity to take in information about its surroundings and the trajectories of vehicles around it. Known as IntelliSafe™ in the Volvo world, Polestar has put this technology to good use, using a suite of preventative and protective technologies designed to keep occupants safe. It also allows for those inside the Polestar 2 to be more reactive and aware of the world outside the car than ever before. And it does so automatically; there’s no need to activate anything. It’s always there and always on duty, the safest and most alert co-pilot anywhere.

300 kW of power, 660 Nm of torque and a targeted range of 292 miles (WLTP/NEDC). 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds. All-wheel drive. The Polestar 2 has an all-electric drivetrain with the option of a performance package featuring Brembo brakes and adjustable Öhlins dampers. With front and rear DC to AC inverters, an 11kW on-board charger, a 27-module lithium-ion battery with 78 kWh capacity (72 kWh in China), and EFAD (electric front axle drive) + ERAD (electric rear axle drive) permanent magnetic motors, the Polestar 2 is a paragon of electric performance and efficiency.

A front radar unit, a windshield-mounted camera, and two rear radar units mean that the Polestar 2 is very spatially aware, and takes preventative measures whenever something encroaches on its personal space. Everything from pedestrians to the majestic moose can be noticed by the Polestar 2, which then warns the driver (via a brake pulse, audio warning signal, and visual warning signal in the driver display) and then brakes automatically if needed. Automatic pre-braking, steering support, and incrementally-tightening seatbelts also come into play, maximising safety for the occupants.

A suite of preventative and protective features, coupled with an unprecedented level of environmental awareness made possible by multiple radar and camera units, ensures that the Polestar 2 is at the forefront of vehicle safety.

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