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Welcome Back to the Driver’s Seat. Thanks to the Polestar Connect app, the Polestar 2 remembers just how you like it. Seat position, mirror settings, and more are automatically returned to your exact specifications. The Polestar 2 fits the driver like a glove. A glove with 660Nm of torque.

Braking News

The electric motors in the Polestar 2 use the car’s momentum to recover energy during braking (regenerative or “regen” braking) which would otherwise be converted to heat and wasted. This means that easing up on the accelerator will cause the car to slow down. The Polestar 2 also makes use of blended braking, combining the regen braking with the regular brakes in order to regenerate the maximum amount of electricity. This enables one-pedal driving with different regen braking levels, which can be customised in the car or via the Polestar Connect app. More efficient, more environmentally friendly, more elegant, more simple.


Both AC and DC charging work with the Polestar 2, meaning that a charge is always within reach. Use AC (up to 11 kW) when at home or at work, use DC (up to 150 kW) when road tripping or otherwise out and about when time is of the essence (up to 150 kW). Regulate the charge current, the duration, the maximum charge level, and much more in the car or via the Polestar Connect app. A 7-metre AC charging cord for normal outlets (mode 2) comes standard, with the option to buy a 4.5-metre DC cord for wallboxes/public locations (mode 3) for faster charging. Additional cable and home charging solutions are also available.

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