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Standard features

The Polestar 1 is the meeting point of uncompromised design, innovative technology, and modern engineering. Every detail is obsessed over, down to the micron.

275/30 R21
295/30 R21
The exclusive gearshifter for the 8-speed Geartronic™ automatic gearbox is handcrafted out of genuine, solid crystal by the Swedish glass artisans at Orrefors®. A beautiful blend of craftsmanship and technology, this piece of jewellery concludes the essence of contemporary Scandinavian design.
The Polestar 1 has decor panels in Carbon fibre on the dashboard, tunnel console and doors. The panels on the dashboard and doors are very wide.
The Polestar 1 has a sport steering wheel in black with a leather-clad rim. The button areas are glossy black with surrounding Silk Metal trim. In the centre is a Polestar emblem.
Enhance the exclusive, sporty look and feel inside your Polestar with these sports pedals. Finished in brushed aluminium and rubber for extra grip.
This stylish, elastic net pocket provides convenient storage of maps, tickets, books and other small items – keeping them easily accessible for the front seat passenger as well as for the driver.
Specially designed textile mats with perforated leather binding are fitted in the front.
There is a distance between the protruding centre part of the overhead console and the glass roof. Our designers came up with a very special idea – to put an illuminated Polestar symbol on top of the overhead console. In this way, the Polestar symbol is invisible from inside, but the driver and passengers can see it reflected in the glass roof, like a star in the sky. In addition, the illuminated Polestar symbol is visible from the outside.

The Polestar 1 has an `Ambience` light guide that runs around the interior. It is lit all the time, from the moment a door is opened until the trip is finished and the car is locked.

The Polestar 1 has Sport seats with side bolsters that are very supportive, both in the seat cushions and backrests. The seats are power-operated including power-operated multi-directional lumbar support and seat cushion extension.
This power seat further enhances comfort for your front seat passenger. The passenger seat cushion and backrest are easily adjusted in multiple ways using the intuitive controls on the panel beside the seat cushion.
With the power driver seat you`ll find your ideal position quickly and conveniently. It can be tailored in multiple ways. The memory function perfectly adjusts the seat and door mirrors every time. The seat cushion and backrest are easily adjusted using intuitive controls on the panel beside the seat cushion. When you open your car using your personal remote control, the seat and door mirrors automatically adjust to your latest settings. Alternatively, you can select your memorized position using the memory buttons on the front door upper panel.

The power lumbar support for the front seats adds to your long-distance comfort. It can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically to make it easy to optimise the support to your preferences.

The Polestar 1 is a `2+2` coupé model, which means that space for the driver and front seat passenger is prioritized and that the rear seat is suitable for two children, youngsters or short adults, which should not exceed 145 cm. Just as the front seats, the rear seat cushions and backrests are shaped to offer great side support even during dynamic driving. The two rear head-restraints are integrated into the backrests and hat shelf.

Our powerful two-zone climate system adds to excellent air quality and comfort in all seasons and weathers. It automatically maintains the cabin temperature you choose and can be set independently for the driver and front passenger side. Floor air outlets and separate adjustable air vents in the roof pillars ensure a comfortable climate in the rear seat even during long drives. All cabin climate settings are easily controlled using intuitive touch screen controls. An efficient cabin filter helps keep the incoming air free from dust, pollen and other particles.

CleanZone lets you and your passengers enjoy clean, healthy cabin air. It monitors incoming air and shuts the cabin's air intakes if harmful substances are detected. A multifilter reduces the levels of dust, pollen, particles and chemical odours. And to prepare a fresh cabin environment on a warm day, the automatic CleanZone function efficiently ventilates the cabin when you unlock the car.

Parking climate is a collective name for different features that improve the cabin climate when the car is parked, eg preconditioning.

The heater is powered by the cars hybrid battery.

Heated front seat cushions, backrests and cushion extensions provide instant comfort during those cold mornings. Choose between three heating levels on the centre display with touch screen.

The electrically heated steering wheel is nice to grip when it's cold and it adds to your comfort and safety as you can drive without wearing gloves.

The windscreen/windshield washing is performed through a great number of holes in the upper side of the wiper blades. When washing is activated by the driver, washer fluid starts being emitted just before the wiper arm starts to move. Washer fluid is only emitted on the forward stroke, not on the return stroke. In addition, the wiper blades are heated.

Sensus Navigation provides intuitive guidance and connects seamlessly with our cloud-based services and navigation apps. It's conveniently operated using voice control or touch-screen controls. Road directions are shown in the driver display, centre display and head-up display. You operate the system without taking your attention off the road – talk naturally to your Polestar, and our voice control carries out your commands. And with the optional head-up display, navigation directions will be shown hovering in front of the windscreen. The system can also be operated by a passenger using the centre display touch screen. You have access to in-car apps that can help you find and pay for parking, share your location with friends or simply find the best coffee in town. To help you avoid congestions, RTTI Real Time Traffic Information gives you a clear view of alternative routes. Free map updates ensure an updated navigation experience. Adding the Polestar Connect app, you can send destinations from your smartphone to your car. It also allows you to sync meeting destinations from your personal calendar with the navigation system for guidance.

The Driver display is digital and uses the latest technology. When the ignition is off, the display is high-gloss black. When the ignition is switched on, the Driver display comes alive. The resolution is extremely good and thanks to advanced technology, even the front seat passenger has a clear view of the display. The driver can choose between different visual appearances, all with great colour depth and colour variations (see next page). Light sensors control the brightness of the display according to exterior light sources, such as sunshine through any of the windows or, for example, the headlights of following vehicles at night. The display also adapts to dark exterior conditions, such as tunnels or night time. In addition, the driver can control the brightness manually. The 12.3-inch display shows two large round instruments and an information display in between. The information display can differ in size, depending on the use. For example, if the navigation system is used, it becomes bigger, and the two round instruments smaller.

A Head-up display is standard-fitted in the Polestar 1. This means that text and graphical information can be displayed on the lower part of the windscreen, in front of the driver. Our head-up technology made it possible for the driver to experience the information as hovering in the air about two metres in front of the car. The messages are semi-transparent and do not block the driver’s vision. The brightness is automatically adapted to the surrounding light. *The driver can adjust the brightness and image position, as well as make personal settings. The image position is included in the memory function for the power-operated seat.

For the Polestar 1 we have settled for nothing less than one of the best audio systems in the segment, if not the entire market. It has been developed together with renowned high-end audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins. Their name carries such great authority and respect in audio market that we have decided to cooperate with them to reach new levels when it comes to audio. For this top performing sound system, we also developed a new type of subwoofer, which has been integrated into the new vehicle architecture itself. The system features the unique 'Room Transformation' technology that has been developed together with the Swedish audio software specialists Dirac Research. This technology made it possible to recreate the acoustics of a specific room inside the car. There are three different 'Room Modes', which are a unique feature to Polestar 1. The modes are 'Studio', 'Individual Stage' and 'Gothenburg Concert Hall', which has an acoustic design recreating the unique acoustic experience of the Gothenburg (Sweden) Concert Hall.

Road Sign Information helps keep you updated on current traffic restrictions. Using a camera or information from the Sensus navigation system, it alerts you on speed limits, "no overtaking", "no entry" and various types of supplementary signs. The road sign is displayed on the speedometer or in the head-up display. If you exceed the speed limit, Road Sign Information can alert you with a flashing speed limit sign icon. It can also inform you about speed cameras. And if you drive in the wrong direction on a one-way street, you`ll be alerted with a no-entry sign icon. Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled, this is only a supportive function.

The headlights are cleaned by very efficient high-pressure jets. The nozzles are hidden under body-coloured covers on the bumper. When activated, the high pressure pushes the nozzles out, together with the covers. The headlight cleaning is automatically activated together with the windscreen/windshield cleaning.

There is a large, wide exhaust tail pipe on either side, nicely integrated into the lower rear end design. The tail pipes are in black chrome.

An active rear spoiler is standard-fitted. It automatically raises from its integrated flush position when the speed exceeds 100 km/h and is retracted when the speed is reduced below 70 km/h. Can also be manually operated from driver armrest.

We developed our unique SIPS™ side impact protection system to help protect where you and your passengers are most exposed in the event of a side-collision. The steel framework of the car – including the front seat frames – is designed and reinforced to help displace the impact of a side-collision away from the occupants to other parts of the car body and help prevent intrusion into the cabin. The extremely strong side structure contains ultra-high strength steel and softer grades of steel to help withstand a severe side impact – even with a larger vehicle. The Inflatable Curtain for all the outboard occupants and the front seat side airbags interact with SIPS™ to help provide further protection. In the rear, SIPS™ and the Inflatable Curtain help protect the passengers in the outer rear seats.

Together with the safety belts, the frontal airbags help protect your head, face and chest in a frontal collision. They`re intelligent too: to optimise protection, the airbags adapt the level of inflation to the force of the impact. And if the impact is low enough that the airbags aren`t needed, the system will just deploy safety belt pre-tensioners if necessary. To make it possible to mount a child seat in the front passenger seat, the passenger airbag can easily be disconnected using a cut-off switch.

WHIPS™ is a Volvo safety innovation that efficiently helps reduce the risk of whiplash injury if your car is hit from behind. At an impact, the entire front backrest and head restraint moves with the occupant to support the neck.

Further helping to protect the driver's lower legs in the event of a frontal collision, there's a knee airbag installed above the pedals. The knee airbag is deployed together with the other airbags and supplements the safety belt, the safety belt pre-tensioner, the brake pedal release and the integrated knee protection under the dashboard to help optimise protection.

Our Inflatable Curtain helps protect your head and neck in a side collision or roll-over. Helping to provide protection for occupants sitting on the sides, it deploys from the roof above the doors. The Inflatable Curtain also helps protect in some frontal collisions and stays inflated for several seconds to provide prolonged protection in the event of secondary impacts.

Using automatic steering assistance, this system helps you avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles. If you drift across the lane markings in the way of an oncoming vehicle, your car steers back. Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled, this is only a supportive function.

Using automatic steering assistance, this system helps you avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles. If you drift across the lane markings in the way of an oncoming vehicle, your car steers back. Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled, this is only a supportive function.

The boot/trunk lid is power-operated. Opening can be activated by a button on the remote control, a ‘soft button‘ on the boot/trunk lid, a button on the left side of the dashboard or by the ‘comfort opening’ function. The lid is closed manually, press down gently and the lid will automatically retract/close.

In the event of a puncture in the tyre's tread you can seal it temporarily with this emergency repair kit. It includes an electric air compressor and sealing fluid, conveniently stored under the load compartment floor. The compressor can also be used to check and adjust the tyre pressure.

Add versatility to your Polestar and connect extra electrical equipment, such as a cooler box, with this 12 V power outlet in the luggage compartment.

The chassis of the Polestar 1 has been designed to deliver sharply tuned handling responses in combination with comfortable ride characteristics. A well-balanced car is a prerequisite for optimal handling and road holding. The Polestar 1 has the best possible balance, with a weight-distribution of 48% on the front wheels and 52% on the rear. The result is a car that is just as fun to drive on challenging winding roads as it is on a long stretch of motorway.

The front brakes, which are the most important and subject to the greatest loads particularly under hard braking, are specified by Polestar and manufactured by Akebono

The rear brakes are very well dimensioned for being rear brakes, with discs in the dimensions 390X25 mm. And just as the front brakes, the discs are ventilated, drilled and of the floating type. The rear brakes have floating callipers.

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