2 on tour: Seattle

The North American 2 on tour kicked off in Seattle with a sense of the new frontier at a party at Fremont Foundry, with guests including Polestar COO Jonathan Goodman, Matt Lincecum from Fremont Brewing Company, Wired reporter Alex Davies, and documentarian Audra Gaines-Mulkern. The weekend was spent in Seattle Center, taking in the Torchlight Parade and FanFest from beneath the Space Needle.


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Kindred spirits: Circulor

Circulor is a company that works with blockchain technology to trace materials and help companies achieve more sustainable and transparent supply chains. We spoke with CEO and co-founder Doug Johnson-Poensgen about traceability-as-a-service, proving responsible sourcing, and the LCA report that was recently released by Polestar.

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