Polestar 2

100% charged, 100% electric

New year, new us.

The reliance on combustion engines is coming to an end. The way forward is electric. In 2019 we’re going all in, with the launch of the electric Polestar 2.

Ever been frustrated with your car navigation? Tried to use voice control? We know there’s a better way for the driver and the vehicle to interact.

We’ve identified the aspects of automotive retail which make it difficult, and we’ve developed an approach that will put the fun back in the process.

This is the year we start to remove what has no place in the present, and future, of automotive. This is the year we go all in.

The year of the 2.


Things are changing. The language of pistons, fuel injectors and catalytic converters is being replaced by the language of cells, kilowatt hours and electromagnets. Electric vehicles (EVs) are more capable and more in demand than ever before.
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User interface

User Interface (UI) is the Achilles heel of car design. Outdated, inflexible, and old upon arrival, UI has often been an unintentional time machine, showing drivers of even the newest cars what phones in 1997 looked like. And given that this has been the case, society at large has accepted it. For the last fifteen years (give or take), UI has been a bridge too far, both is usability and appearance. Is a modern, capable, well-designed, future-proof UI really too much to ask?
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