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Added power. Increased torque. And launch control. The performance software upgrade boosts the already responsive Polestar 2 Long range Dual motor to a new level of electric excitement.

Added power. Increased torque. And launch control. The performance software upgrade boosts the already responsive Polestar 2 Long range Dual motor to a new level of electric excitement.

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    Extra power

    The performance software upgrade raises the motors’ combined certified output over the complete RPM register, increasing power from 300 kW (402 bhp) to 350 kW (469 bhp) and torque from 660 to 680 Nm (487 to 502 lb-ft). A boost that also reduces the acceleration time from 0-60 mph to just 4.2 seconds. 

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    Improved responsiveness

    Apart from increasing the car’s power and torque, the performance software upgrade also changes the pedal mapping. As a result, the motors respond more quickly to the accelerator, elevating the driving experience even further. 

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    Launch control

    For those moments when even extraordinary acceleration is deemed too ordinary, the performance software upgrade includes a launch control feature. It’s activated by simultaneously depressing the accelerator and brake pedal, preloading a higher starting torque to provide maximum power straight from a standstill. The result is a car that literally speeds up in the blink of an eye and extends its momentum over a longer period. 

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    Stay sustainable

    The OTA installation is an efficient way to deliver enhanced performance using fewer resources.

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    Available as an OTA update

    Existing owners of a Polestar 2 Long range Dual motor can choose to install the performance software upgrade via a simple Over-the-Air update. It is available as an aftermarket option from the Polestar extras web shop.

Elevate the electric performance experience

Order the performance software upgrade as an existing owner

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When you order the performance software upgrade as an aftermarket download, you will also receive new door decals with updated power rating information, plus a rank mark sticker for your car’s front grid. Mounting instructions are included.

Good to know

As the performance software upgrade is not part of the original lease offer, you will need approval from the leasing company before purchasing the software. 

Yes, there is. We’ve developed a dedicated in-car Performance app that can be accessed from the centre display. It provides acceleration figures as well as the number of G’s that the car pulls. The Performance app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store¹

More about the Performance app

You are responsible for taking any necessary measures following the download of the performance software upgrade, such as re-registration of the vehicle with local authorities (if applicable) and any related costs, like additional charging costs due to higher electrical consumption, increased insurance premiums, vehicle tax or any other taxes or fees. Please check our FAQ page for full details of what you need to do where you live.

Read more in the FAQs
*If you are a lease customer or in a vehicle provided under a company car scheme, it is your responsibility to seek approval from your fleet manager and insurance policy holder prior to purchasing the software, to ensure continuity of insurance cover for your vehicle. Additionally, please also notify the leasing company provider if your vehicle is leased. 
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