Re-casting the car: Polestar and the edie Sustainable Innovation Awards

From mobility miracle to pollution problem, cars have played many roles over their 135-year history. But they’ve never been cast as something particularly sustainable. Much less won an award for it. Until now, that is.

(Polestar 2) is an aspirational product made in a state-of-the-art factory with true innovation embedded at its core.

Polestar has won Product Innovation of the Year for its all-electric Polestar 2 at the renowned edie Sustainability Leaders Awards. Organised by edie, the Awards recognise organisations that have taken their environmental, social and financial performance to new heights in an effort to achieve a sustainable future, today. 

Polestar’s performance in these areas includes greater traceability of the cobalt used for Polestar 2 batteries, the publication of Polestar 2’s LCA report, and conclusively proving that sustainable is the new premium through the use of unorthodox and upcycled materials.

“Polestar represents a hugely impressive approach to innovation that seize traceability to improve social outcomes as well as reduce environmental impacts,” said the jury. “This is an aspirational product made in a state-of-the-art factory with true innovation embedded at its core.”

Polestar 2 refuses to be typecast. Winning an award for playing the role of Sustainable Product Innovation of the Year is proof.


The importance of impatience: Polestar 2 sustainability upgrades

Patience. A famously good thing. There is no end to the folksy phrases and nuggets of wisdom that emphasise the importance of being good at waiting. Patience, it’s said, is a virtue. But when it comes to righting environmental wrongs, it’s also a luxury. One we don’t have. Which is the reasoning behind the Polestar 2 sustainability upgrades.

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