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Welcome to register your power optimisation with Polestar
After your Volvo workshop has installed Polestar power optimisation in your car you can order your Certificate and/or Owner’s Package.
(In some markets the Owners Package is handed out at the dealers.) The certificate verifies that your car has Polestar Power Optimisation installed. The certificate is a valuable document and we recommend you to store this together with your car’s documentation, service book etc.

Badges for Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country are under development and will be delivered to Volvo dealers and-/ or customers with optimised cars when they are in stock. Subscribe for certificate and other information.

Register with the car’s VIN-code
To verify that your car has the optimisation installed we need your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). You'll find it in the car’s registration documents or by looking through the windshield on the car.


Your Certificate and/or Owner’s Package will be delivered to your postal address as soon as the installation has been verified in Volvo’s system.

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