Polestar offers consulting services within the areas of event and education connected to activities surrounding motorsport, engineering and performance.



Polestar arranges a variety of different activities for its clients and partners. Spanning from simple conferences and seminars to public events with thousands of guests. An example of a Polestar event is the Volvo Technician Day that features over 1 700 Volvo technicians with entertainment and information provided by Polestar in connection to race weekends.

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Polestar offers educational material for schools and institutions surrounding vehicle service. The educational material covers a wide range of training stations with engines, brake systems, electrical systems and suspension assemblies in simple, easily viewed, rigs.

In addition to the educational material, Polestar also provides schools and institutions with complete training cars. This is made possible through a joint venture with Volvo and the Volvo Training Car Program.

The program allows schools to rent complete, ready-to-drive, brand new Volvo cars. The cars can be used for all types of repairs such as troubleshooting, bodywork and paint repairs, etc.

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