Robert Dahlgren and Volvo Polestar tops STCC test premiere

Robert Dahlgren and Volvo Polestar topped the first official STCC test of 2013 at Knutstorp.
“It feels really good so far. For sure, this is only a test, but we have started the pre-season in the best possible way and that promises for good things to come,” said Dahlgren.

Dahlgren, who was the sole drivers to get below 58 seconds, topped the first test day as well as the second. Second fastest overall was reigning champion Fredrik Ekblom, a mere two tenths behind in second.
“I am not pleased yet, but you’re not supposed to be that this early. We have tested a lot of stuff and we are continuing the test programme tomorrow,” said Ekblom.

Third fastest Volvo driver and fourth fastest driver overall was Thed Björk, only 76 thousands of a second behind Ekblom.
“We have tested some new stuff, some works and some doesn’t. But I am pleased overall and I look forward to tomorrow,” said Björk.

Volvo Polestar newcomer Linus Ohlsson was sixth fastest with the time 58.173.
“It was a good test day, we are making progress. I was sixth today, but things will go faster tomorrow,” said Ohlsson.

Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte completed his first laps in Volvo Polestar’s S60 and made strong progress. Compared to his first test day, Prince Carl Philip improved by seven tenths of a second to day test day two.
“There are a lot of new things for me, but I think things have gone well and I can’t wait for the third test day tomorrow,” said Prince Carl Philip.

The test days at Knutstorp ends after tomorrow as the last session for the drivers ahead of the premiere on the 4th of May at Knutstorp.

STCC Test Knutstorp – Day 2

1 Robert Dahlgren, Volvo S60, 57,834
2 Fredrik Ekblom, Volvo S60, 58,064
3 Richard Göransson, BMW SR, 58,084
4 Thed Björk, Volvo S60, 58,140
5 Fredrik Larsson, BMW SR, 58,163
6 Linus Ohlsson, Volvo S60, 58,173
7 Jocke Mangs, Citroën C5, 58,192
8 Roar Lindland, SAAB 9-3, 58,317
9 Mattias Andersson, Dacia, 58,318
10 Robin Rudholm, BMW SR, 58,376
11 Daniel Haglöf, SAAB 9-3, 58,521
12 Alexander Graff, SAAB 9-3, 58,600
13 Carl Philip Bernadotte, Volvo S60, 59,409
14 Niclas Olsson, Citroën C5, 59,737