Volvo C30 Polestar Concept Car

“What would happen if we took all our experience from fifteen years with Volvo racing cars in general and five years with the C30 and built a car for the road?”

That was the question that started the “PCP” project. PCP stands for Performance Concept Prototype and not “angel dust” as some journalists have referred to while driving the car. The car’s official name is Volvo C30 Polestar and the color is Polestar Blue.

The Volvo C30 Polestar is the outcome of the combined all knowledge and experience we at Polestar have from working with the C30 for racing purposes and the support from all of the highly skilled people at Volvo Car Corporation.

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About the project

During its long partnership with Volvo Polestar has built a unique knowledge and experience in performance optimization of Volvo cars for racing use. Celebrating the double victory in 2009 Swedish Touring Car Championship, STCC Polestar management decided to use the company’s in-house knowledge to develop a concept road car based on race car data from the C30.

The concept car project was initiated as a symbol , and a communication platform, for the extension of the Polestars brand and it’s move into offering products for Volvo road cars.

The projects purpose was to find out what would happen if a team of racing engineers and drivers got free hands to design their own ideal road version of the car model they had spent thousands of hours perfecting for racing use within a specific race regulation.

One of the teams first priorities was to convert the car to all wheel drive with the help of Haldex gen 4 system completed with Quiafe limited slip differentials front and rear. For power supply the proven Volvo T5 2,5 turbo engine was chosen to ensure that the car would get enough power to deliver competitive performance as well as reliability and driveability in all driving conditions. Exterior design and aerodynamics were based on Polestars extensive race car testing in Volvo Cars wind tunnel and suspension upgraded in cooperation with the race teams partner Öhlins. To ensure braking performance in level with power and handling Brembo brakes were fitted.

The car’s interior displays an ambition to use the highest level of materials in an honest way placing them with performance, function and appropriateness coming first. In collaboration with Tärnsjö Garveri that make the most beautifull leather from Scandinavian bulls a functional yet welcoming interior has been designed to reinforce the C30 interior.

The result was a car that builds on the duality of the C30. It was designed to deliver both high performance driving and long distance travelling. A true Grand Touring car combining high performance and efficiency from the conclusions and results proven in motorsport with the luxury and feeling from high level materials and solutions.

Technical Specification


  • 0-100 km/h 4.2s
  • Volvo 2.5 liter straight five cylinder
  • 451 hp / 336 KW
  • 510 Nm / 376 ft
  • KKK K26 Turbo

Chassis / Drivetrain
  • Öhlins springs and dampers
  • 6 speed manual gearbox
  • All wheel drive
  • Quaife LSD front and rear
  • Brembo ventilated discs all around

  • Based on tests in Volvo wind-tunnel
  • Lowered front splitter and larger rear spoiler to reduce high speed lift
  • Carbon fiber diffusor

Volvo C30 Polestar driven by
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