Download our racing know-how into your Volvo

Are you already driving a Volvo or perhaps thinking of buying a new? A Polestar power optimisation increases the standard engines horsepower and torque, offering you an enhanced driving experience.

The technology has been developed by Polestar in close co-operation with Volvo’s powertrain engineers. The optimisation consists of a software upgrade installed by any Volvo authorised dealer. It’s a quick installation which can easily be done while your car is in for a service or tyre change.

The only optimisation guaranteed to enhance your Volvo’s performance

The close co-operation with Volvo’s engine development engineers means that your Volvo original warranty remains intact and no alterations to the service schedule is needed.

Your Volvo is made to be optimised

Volvo is a high quality car built with advanced engineering, solid components and with focus on safety and reliability. This makes Volvo the perfect starting point for performance enhancements.
When Polestar’s team of engineers develops a new product, they consider the precise limits of what each and every component is designed to handle. Since your Volvo is a strong and well-built car you can safely get more out of it without risking negative side-effects. An added bonus is that your Polestar upgrade more than likely will increase the resale value of your car.

So after getting your Polestar car or performance upgrade installed don’t forget to register it here to receive a product certificate which verifies that your car has been officially optimised by Polestar.

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