Polestar - with motorsport in the blood

Polestar was founded in 1996 in collaboration with Volvo to run the official Volvo motorsport program. Since then, Polestar has competed with the 850, S40, S60, C30 and currently the S60.

The core business of Polestar is focused on development and competition in racing as well as development and production of Polestar road cars and Polestar Power Optimisations for Volvo road cars.

Watch our brand movie What Matters to see what Polestar really is about.


Development and marketing of performance products for Volvo cars are based on the experience from racing. Polestar Performance Power Optimisation is sold via Volvo dealers for drivers wishing to optimise their Volvo cars.

The latest addition is the production of Polestar Engineered cars such as the Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar which are sold in selected countries over the world.


Consulting services within the Services area covers technology, education and events in Polestar's areas of expertise. The business area primarily supports Volvo Car Corporation and Polestar's activities in racing and performance.

Polestar in brief

  • Design, development and operation of competition race cars.
  • Design, development and production of limited edition road cars.
  • Events linked to motorsport.
  • Development and marketing of performance products for Volvo cars.
  • Production and sale of educational material to secondary schools.
  • Training in Lean Production for Volvo dealers, in collaboration with Volvo.
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